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2875 Pierce St Dallas, TX 75233
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Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve



Land Manger:  Texas Land Conservancy (TLC). TLC is a non-profit land trust that owns the land on Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, a 121-acre natural area in the heart of Oak Cliff. Their mission is to conserve natural areas in Texas and to protect the physical and ecological integrity of their wildlife habitat, native plant communities, and scenic landscapes for the benefit of present and future generations. For more information, visit


Trail Steward: Patrick Craine

Assistant Steward: Robert Lusk, Michael Ashly, Pat Fitzpatrick

Email us:  [email protected]  

Type: Single Track


Length:  8 miles


Description:  Oak Cliff Nature Preserve has 8 miles of trails which consists of 6 loops. We are in process of getting trail marked better. Generally take right turns to navigate the whole trail. Hikers and walkers have caused a lot of bandit trails off the main trail loops that cause confusion on which way to go. We have attempted in blocking bandit trails but they get unblocked contiunously. 

The trail consists of a variety of open fields, and wooded areas. In the spring the fields are wall to wall wildflowers.


Directions:  To get there from Interstate 35E, take Illinois west and just past S. Hampton make a left on Pierce. To get there from Loop 12, take Illinois east and just past Westmoreland, turn right on Pierce. 


Facilities:  None at trail. Gas, Fast Food Restaurants etc.. at intersection of Illinois and Westmoreland as well as intersection of Illinois & Hampton.


Workdays: DORBA relies on volunteer labor to help maintain (trimming) a trail, like OCNP, as well as repair trail, build new trail or making any additions to existing trails throughout the Metroplex. Please contact the trail steward if you are interested in helping maintain the OCNP trail. We welcome volunteers to help, please considering giving back to the trail you use for free!