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Cedar Hill State Park

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Nearest City
Cedar Hill

The park is located just south of Dallas in the city of Cedar Hill. The park flanks Joe Pool Lake and is easily accessible off 1382, just south of I-20. Here is the link to the park.

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Single Track – Single Loop

12 miles

The trail consists of three concentric paths; Short (3 miles), Middle (8 miles) and Outer (12 miles). The paths pass through wooded areas but are fairly open for much of their length. There are plenty of twists, turns, and ups and downs. The trail consists of mostly dry hardpack with roots and some rocks. These trails are susceptible to rain and erosion, so if there's even a sprinkle, closure is likely. Calling the park (972-291-3900) in advance to check trail conditions is recommended.

Land Manager
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

  8AM - 10PM



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