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6600 Pastor Bailey Dr. Dallas, TX 75237
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Boulder Park

IMPORTANT: Because of the current shelter in place orders/rules everyone must practice social distancing at the trail. If you go to ride, please ride then leave.  No hanging around the trailhead.  Also, please note that alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Observe the no parking signs on the street. There are areas you can park, but please watch out for the signs. No parking at the church.

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Trail Steward:  Daniel Vega

Email us with any questions or concerns at:   [email protected]

Single track one way direction with signs - Stacked Loops

Blue arrows - Beginner/Intermediate  (bypasses for some of the more difficult sections, about 6 miles)

Red arrows - Intermediate/Advanced  (the whole trail, about 12 miles)

Black ◊        - Advanced


12 miles


Single track trail going through fields, lots of woods, some tight and twisty, rocky sections, creek crossings, several climbs, some steep. A few fast sections. There are two loops marked for different skill levels. Follow RED for the entire trail. Following the BLUE bypasses the harder stuff, mostly friendly enough for the whole family.

  • Loop A - main loop, begins and ends at trail head - red & blue
  • Loop B - northeast corner - red & blue
  • Loop C - north side, west of section B - red only
  • Loop D - southeast corner, at south end of levee - red only
  • Loop E - south side (behind Concord Church) - red
  • Cash Extension - Northwest section. Splits off of C Loop - red

Nearest City



6600 Pastor Bailey Dr.
Dallas, TX 75237

Located north of Duncanville, at the SW corner of Hwy 67 & Red Bird Lane (about 1 mile north of the I-20 & US 67 intersection).From 67, exit Red Bird Lane, go West about 1 mile, then South (left) on Pastor Bailey Drive. Parking is available on Pastor Bailey Drive, or on the side of street, Hallet and Calhoun, located on the West side of Pastor Bailey Drive if the parking lot is full. DO NOT park in any church parking lot. The trailhead is located at the left of the parking lot.

6AM - 11PM

Land Managersl 
Dallas Parks and Recreation Department

Concord Church

• Porta Potty at the trailhead.
• Restaurants, gas, etc on Camp Wisdom Road,  at the Southern end of Pastor Bailey Drive.