Trail Location

Teal Parkway across from Sue Wilson Stafford Middle School
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Frisco NW Community Park Trail

The Frisco NW Community Park Trail was opened in October 2012. It was built by volunteers from Shawnee Trail Cycling, Frisco Cycling and Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) and is currently maintained by DORBA volunteers. The City of Frisco owns the property, and all City of Frisco rules and regulations are applicable to this park.  

Ride at your own risk and helmets are highly recommended to be worn at all times while on the bike.

PLEASE DO NOT RIDE THE TRAIL WHEN IT IS CLOSED OR MUDDY as this causes damage to the trail, makes it hold water longer and volunteers have to fix it.

Trail Steward - April Desch

Assistant Trail Stewards - Mark James, Ed Mazur, Hamlin Jones, & Matt Wierzbicki

Email us:      [email protected]

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Trail Head Location

Teal Parkway and Little River Drive, Frisco, TX 75034  

Right across the street from Sue Wilson Stafford Middle School. Look for gravel parking lot


GPS Coordineates: 33.1980  -98.8680


Monday Thru  Friday:  Sunrise until 10pm

Saturday and Sunday:   Sunrise to Sunset


Nearest Hospital

Centennial Medical Center – Corner of Coit and 121.
Nearest Urgent Care: Legacy ER. Legacy just north of Main Street.  Legacy ER is also a full service ER.


Posted Park Use Rules

• All City of Frisco Park rules apply 
• Vehicles restricted to designated parking lots
• No camping
• No Littering
• No Alcohol
• No destruction of plants or property


• Owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs and properly disposing of the waste on all public or private property. Ordinance 08-01-06
• Dogs must accompanied by a responsible person and be restrained by leash, rope, cord or other physical restraint device at all times. Ordinance 08-01-06 


Trail Type - Single Track

Waypoint markers are not a set distance apart. Rather they are located in specific easily identifiable areas, an serve as reference points only.

If on any loop you are not able to tackle technical areas, please walk through those and do not create rogue trails around them.

Hikers and Runners will go clockwise from the trail head and cyclists will go counter clockwise from the trail head.

Cyclists will yield to all Hikers and Runners.

You can see various wildlife while on the trail - please do not harm our nature friends.  :)



Ranger Loop


Wolverine Loop


Coyote Loop is identified by the Yellow track. Waypoint markers are numbered 1-5 and on Yellow posts. Bikers should proceed in a Clockwise direction on Coyote.  Hikers will proceed in a Counter Clockwise Direction. There are turnoff markers for Coyote on Yellow Posts with a “More Difficult” symbol and an arrow directing you which way to go.  As one approaches the end of Coyote there is a bypass that will allow you to repeat Coyote if you choose. Coyote is approximately 2 miles in length and includes longer flowing uphill and downhill sections.  There are several tree gates and a steep ravine drop.  In several areas we have provided alternative tracks around obstacles to add interest. 

Enjoy the trail!