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Windmill Hill Preserve

Trail Steward
Paul Dryer

Email us:  [email protected]

Nearest City

Windmill Hill Preserve is located in south Dallas, within the city of DeSoto. From Highway 67, take the Duncanville Rd./Main Street exit and head south approximately one mile. The parking lot and trailhead are at the southeast corner of the intersection of Duncanville and Wintergreen Roads.

Single Track - Multiple Loops

5 miles

Land Manager
Dallas County Open Space

6AM - 10PM

Gently rolling, 75 acre preserve. This wooded preserve is the home of the Stevie Ray Vaughn Memorial Bridge at Stewart Branch of Ten Mile Creek; corner of Wintergreen and Main. Some very steep hills both up and down, not always giving a lot of traction. A real challenge at times. Not very long, but an interesting little trail. The trails were originally cut as a time trial loop. Very pretty wooded areas that give you some shade from the sun. There is no marked route, but from the parking lot head south and make a counter-clockwise loop of the park to take in the best trails. There are granite trail markers and kiosks at the trailhead, with maps. It's not a bad idea to ride this with someone who knows the trails first, although being a small park, you won't get lost, it just helps to have some local knowledge first time out there. The trail steward lives at the east trailhead. Feel free to park on the dead end street at Thistlewood and Primrose. He'll watch your car! (don't park on the will be towed)

• Rock parking lot
• Gas/stores - @ Hwy 67
• Dallas County Open Space web pages
• City of DeSoto web site