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Squabble Creek

Trail Steward: Jarrod King

Assistant Trail Stewards: Mark Russell, Mark Brake, Jim "slomo" Alston (honorary)

Email: [email protected]



Squabble Creek has been through some serious hardships the past couple of years. First off, new neighborhood construction began adjacent to Squabble Creek Bike Trail and all of the vegetation uphill from the trail was stripped away. After there was nothing left to help catch heavy rainfall, we suffered a major flood due to just that - heavy and prolonged rainfall. An entire loop stayed under water and silt for over a year. The neighborhood development will continue to cause recurring issues, but the issues are being dealt with as each arises.

City of Rockwall is adding a new sewer line and will be working extensively in the area of loops 5 & 6. During this time, loops 5 & 6 will be CLOSED. Entrances to these loops have been barricaded by the city. The rest of the trail (loops 1-4) will remain open as long as it is dry.



Wes Rogers is officially taking over as main trail steward. It was an honor and privilege to serve as main trail steward for SC and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


UPDATE MAR 22 2018:

New sewer line installation is ongoing and has wreaked more havoc at SC. Just this week water finally started draining away from the exit area. However, we still had standing water (and mud) on loop 3. Rest of loops are looking alright. Hang in there.


UPDATE DEC 4 2017:

The stretch of loop 2 that runs along water treatment fence is very wet & muddy. Construction crew messed up and directed water right onto the trail. They will be correcting this very soon. If you ride the trail, please stay in the middle of this muddy section as much as possible. The new berm addition mentioned in my Dec 1 post did not happen last week and is now supposed to happen this week.


UPDATE DEC 1 2017:

Trail is open. Teeter 2.0 is open. May still see some mud at end of loop 1 and into loop 2. These are the areas catching drainage from irrigation at new homes just above. It is the new normal until construction builds new berm to redirect water. That was supposed to happen this week but I saw no signs of anything yet. Teeter 2.0 drops just a bit slower than the original; probably due to the additional wood (weight) used constructing the teeter section. It is solid and rides very nice. Nessie is still rock solid as well. Hoping to reinstall skinny bridge once the dust settles and all erosion fencing is gone. That could be a while.


About The Trail:

Squabble Creek is a City of Rockwall public park.
Approximate trail length is currently 5.65 miles of looped singletrack. Unfortunately, because of new neighborhood construction, we lost some sections of trail. We plan on recovering some of what was lost after the construction is done. 
This area has the picnic table, restroom, water fountains and bike wash. There is paved parking to accommodate approximately 20 vehicles. The park is accessed by hikers and bikers. A cedar stained 4x4 engraved with "Squabble Creek" notes the beginning of the trail for bikers. This trail holds a surprisingly varied amount of wildlife for a city park. 


The trail curves and turns through some climbs on the first mile of wooded hillside (loops 1, 2). The next sections consist of tight and twisty switchbacks, followed by fast flowing singletrack with some rollers along the creek (loops 3, 4, 5). There are two optional "lite" freeride features within the trail system: an elevated skinny bridge on Hi-Road which branches off of loop 2, and a large wooden coaster we call "Nessie" on loop 3. There is an option to cross under Lakeshore Dr. bridge and pick up an extra mile of riding (loop 6). Lastly, the current exit is an old fire road leading back to the parking area. The majority of the trail is under a heavy canopy of shade trees. The terrain is mostly hardpack with many roots scattered throughout.


The City of Rockwall also has a concrete trail incorporated into the Squabble Creek Trailhead. Rockwall has a master plan for a concrete trail system.  Currently, the most scenic route would be to head East from the trailhead down the bike path which crosses under HWY 205, winds briefly through a neighborhood and finally connects to Caruth and Phelps Lake area. The lakes area park is mostly water but should eventually get additional bike paths, expansion of a dock and creation of a wildlife/wetlands education center. These concrete trails are a nice out and back addition to add mileage and variety.