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701 NW Green Oaks Blvd
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River Legacy

Trail Steward:  Dennis Welpe

Contact us: [email protected]


Home to the “River Rats”; the River Legacy Trail is more than 10 miles of some of the best cross country trail around.  The trail is suitable for beginner riders but also boast some significant “challenge areas” for the more skilled.  If you’re ready; you’ll want to hit EKG, Roller Coaster Ridge, and of course, Fun Town.  All challenge areas have convenient bypasses for those who need just a little more trail time. The flow at River Legacy is amazing, with some riders equating it to a "waltz on wheels".  Bring the family or bring the stop watch, you won’t be disappointed.   Fun, Fast and Full of Surprises, this trail is guaranteed to send you home with a grin from ear to ear.

River Legacy Mountain Bike Trail has two trail designations:

Blue indicates trail routes that are suitable for most off-road riders.  The route may include nominal drops and climbs as well as rollers, tight turns and other features common to entry level Cross Country Cycling.  Many of the trail features will have an associated bypass.

Red indicates trail routes that contain more challenging trail features.  Some portions of a Red Route will include significant drops, harder climbs rapidly changing rolling terrain and narrow bridges and ridges.  It is strongly recommended that a rider be very comfortable with riding the blue route before attempting any Red section.   All red sections have bypasses to the blue route.

As with all Mountain Biking, you should stop and examine any portion of the trail that appears beyond your current skill level. No one is keeping score on how many areas you choose to walk instead of ride, so be safe and walk any section on which you are not confident.

The current trail system is approximately 10.2 miles total, including optional loops and features.  The distance can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of  the numerous signed bypass opportunities. Trail users should be prepared for extended time on trail and always carry ample water.  All users should consider carrying a cell phone. Signs indicating trail difficulty and your location on the trail are located at numerous places on the trail.

Park and Trail Head Rules

  1. Helmets are required for "all" riders on all trails.
  2. Motorized vehicles are NOT allowed on trails and unpaved park areas.
  3. Parking allowed in designated areas only. No parking on grass.
  4. Bicycles are permitted on Concrete Trails and Designated Mountain Bike Trails only.
  5. All Pets must be on leash and controlled by their owner at all times.
  6. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by ordinance.
  7. Glass containers are not allowed on, trails and at trail head
  8. Litter is to be deposited in available trash receptacles.
  9. Fires – none allowed in area of the trails and trail head.
  10. Removal of trees or other natural resources is prohibited.

Directions:  River Legacy Trail is located in the Green Oaks Blvd Section of River Legacy Park in Arlington. Once inside the park, take your first Left turn (approximately 0.3 mi.) and follow that road to the Trail Head Parking Lot on your Left (0.5 mi).  Disregard the parking lots on the right.  Ours is the first parking lot you will come to on the Left.  The trail head at the west end of the parking lot.

From Interstate 30:Take the Cooper Street exit in Arlington.  Head North on Cooper St.  for about 1.6 miles to Green Oaks Blvd.  Turn Left at Green Oaks Blvd then take the first Right into the park entrance. 

From Hwy 360: Take the Green Oaks Exit.  Take Green Oaks Blvd. West ( approx. 3.8 miles ) to the Park entrance just past the Cooper Street intersection.

From Hwy 157 / North Collins: Take Green Oaks Blvd. West ( approx. 1.6 miles ) to the Park entrance just past the Cooper Street intersection.