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10152 Wildwood Dr. Dallas, Tx. 75220
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L.B. Houston Nature Trails

Trail is CLOSED indefinitely - Sewer line construction will start in September 2019 that will place a sewer line from the California Crossing park to Wildwood Drive.  This will close the California Crossing parking lot, the dirt road south of the parking lot and will also cross the trail in several locations.  Due to safety concerns and no trail steward and no one maintaining trail, the trail will remain closed for the duration of the project, which could take up to two and a half years.  We will provide additional updates as the project progresses.

Trail Steward: Chris Bolan 

LBH Event Coordinator

Email us: [email protected]

Twitter: LBHtrails

Facebook: LBH-California Crossing

Land Manager: Dallas Parks and Recreation Department

Hours: 5AM - 11PM

Pavilion - Wildwood

Type: Single Track - Multiple Loops

Trails (counterclockwise) N=North S=South (of Railroad)

Trail heads:

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - California Crossing 
1366 California Crossing, Dallas, TX

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - Wildwood Drive
10152 wildwood dr. Dallas, TX

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - Sandy Lane

Race Loop and Access to Wildwood Trails

City Ordinances

Helmet Law - City Code Chap. 8, Sec. 9.8
* Dogs must be on a leash and within control of the owner – City Code Chap. 32, Sec. 32-6
Dog owners must pick up waste after pets (Poop Scoop Law)- City Code Chap. 7, Sec. 7-4.8
No alcohol or open containers are allowed on park property – City Code Chap. 32, Sec. 32-39
* Authorized Motor Vehicles Only - Contact the Trail Steward