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6701 W Parker Rd Plano, TX 75093
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Arbor Hills

Trail StewardRaul Mejia

Trail Care Email:  http://[email protected]


Trail Forum Page:

Land Manager: Plano Parks and Recreation Department


Best source of trail status is the hotline listed above. The CIty of Plano manages the trail status of Arbor Hills. 



Type: Single Track/Single Loop
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 2.32 Miles per PPARD (2.75 Miles per NTMBP, 2.8 Miles per Trail Steward)
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Hours (PARK): 5AM - 11PM
Hours (TRAIL): 5AM - 11PM


• Drinking Water
• Flush Toilets
• Paved Parking Lot
• Gazebos and Picnic areas with grills
• 2.25 mile paved jogging/biking/rollerblade trail
• Playground
• Hospital @ Parker & the Dallas North Tollway


This is a two mile clockwise loop for bikes, counter clockwise for foot traffic that winds around 25 acres of the park. It's fairly twisty and has numerous off camber ups and downs. It is not a technical trail but can be an aerobic challenge. A large white sign at the trailhead details the IMBA rules or the trail. Be a pal and follow the rules, we all win that way. Facilities include a beautiful pavilion complex with picnic table land BBQ grills as well as restrooms. There is also a concrete trails which totals approx. 2 miles. At present, work days are on an as needed basis.If you would like to be a "friend of the trail" or DORBA "super dude" please feel free to contact me by clicking on either my or my assistants username above, or visit our facebook page. Also this trail is frequently patrolled by the North Texas Mountain Bike Patrol, so if you get hurt or need help most likely they’ll be there.


Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located in the 6700 block of Parker Rd. in west Plano. To get there take Parker Rd. west past the Dallas North Tollway. The entrance is a few blocks west of Midway on the north side of Parker. The trailhead is on the west side of the park. Take the paved trail past the pavilion complex and playground. The trailhead is marked with a large white sign. detailing the IMBA rules or the trail. Be a pal and follow the rules, we all win that way.