Race Venues


Frozen Series Venues and Dates:

Erwin Park 1/10 @ 9am
Northshore 2/7 @ 9am
RCP 2/14 @ 9am

*These dates are on our calendar


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General Endurance Racing Questions:

What is an endurance race?

In an endurance race, participants ride as many laps as they can in a fixed amount of time.

How long are the endurance races?

DORBA endurance races typically have a four and six hour option.

Is the entire trail used for an endurance race?

No, in order to keep average lap times from being too long, the race director will exclude specific parts of the trail. The specific race course is typically published ahead of time to allow for prerides. The race course is usually lightly marked with cardboard arrow signs prior to the race. 

Are teams allowed for the endurance races?

Depending on the rules established for the series, there may be an option for participants to sign up as a two person relay team. This team option is frequently available only for the longer (ie., six hour) races. Each member of the team will be required to complete at least one full lap, but the decision of which rider rides which lap is left up to the members of the team. Only one member of each relay team will be allowed out on the race course at a time.

The specific variantions of teams and which races (4 or 6 hour) teams are allowed in will be made available when registration is opened for the race.

For the 2015 Frozen Endurance Series, teams will only be an option for the 6 hour race. The 4 hour race will be solo-only.

How are starts handled for endurance races?

Depending on the venue, there may be different variations on how the start is run. Typically, there is a mass start that leads into a mile (or longer) lead-in to the first singletrack. It's also possible that a Le Mans-style start could be used if there isn't sufficient room at the venue for an extended lead-in (or if the race director is feeling particularly evil that day.)

The racer's meeting held shortly before the start of the race will cover the details of the start for that race.

Where can racers stage their supplies for the race?

Participants are allowed to stage their food and supplies for the day over a wide area. The specific areas will vary depending on the venue.

When can racers start their next lap?

Participants can start their next lap at any time after they finish their previous lap, as long as they are on the trail before the final cut off time. Participants can take as much time as they need inbetween laps to eat, drink, do bike repairs, socialize, etc.

I'm not interested in participating as a racer, can I sign up to volunteer?

Yes! There are many opportunities to volunteer at a race! It takes a lot of work to put on a race. Volunteers are used for various jobs such as: direct parking, racer registration, start staging, leg marking, course marshal, sweep, setup, teardown. There is usually a call out for volunteers in the time leading up to a race, but even if you don't sign up before hand, we can find something for you to do if you just show up.

What is a course marshal?

Course marshals serve as the eyes and ears of the race organizer out on the trail. They inform the race director of any problems during the race (medical or otherwise) and they provide a way for racers to relay information (particularly medical emergencies) back to the race director without having to complete a full lap. For endurance races, a combination of static and roving marshals may be used. Static marshals are assigned a specific location on the trail to watch at. Roving marshals will ride a lap of the race course.

What is a sweep?

The sweep is a rider that "sweeps" the race course. They ride a lap without passing any racers. When the sweep rider completes their lap, the race organizer knows that there are no racers on the trail. For an endurance race, a sweep will be dispatched when the 6 hour cutoff time passes. 


*OFFICIAL DORBA RAINOUT POLICY: All of our racing events are created with the primary intent of raising revenue in support of our mission to promote the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy in the North Texas area. Each racing event requires substantial investment and hundreds of hours in volunteer commitment. For these reasons and the financial viability of our club, we cannot offer refunds or “event comps” due to acts of God. In the event of cancellation, DORBA will attempt to offer a make-up race on an established “rain date”. However, if this option is not available, we SINCERELY thank you for your donation as our organization could not function without your support.