Race Venues

When & Where:

9/6/14 - Boulder Park (Saturday) - https://www.bikereg.com/boulder

9/21/14 - Northshore Trail (Sunday)- https://www.bikereg.com/northshore

10/5/14 - Rowlett Creek Preserve (Sunday)

10/19/14 - Johnson Branch State Park (Sunday) - http://www.bikereg.com/jb

11/9/14 - Frisco Community Trail (Sunday) - https://www.bikereg.com/frisco 

The map for the Fisco race can be found in the DORBA event entry for the race. 


DISCOUNTS! - All active DORBA members who pre-register get $10 cash back at the registration table on race day! Check the status of your membership by going to the homepage of DORBA.org and clicking the "Fred" icon in the top right corner.


Volunteer Sign-Up: https://docs.google.com/a/dorba.org/forms/d/1_kDPT0c8uya59_ParvF-m4YivSOZvnh7nRZ4CVlIGic/viewform


Categories & Details:

The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) produces a handful of races each year as fundraisers* to support our organization and fulfill our mission statement. All of our races are run by volunteers and are designed to be family friendly and accommodating to riders of all skill levels. Whether you are interested in participating in your very first race or want to race in the PRO category for fame and fortune, we have something for you! All races are broken up into age groups and categories based on the number of expected participants. Groups with 5 or less racers may or may not be combined with similar groups to reduce the number of overall categories and / or increase competition (this is at the discretion of the race director). Below are descriptions for each different category we currently offer.
FIRST TIME RACER: Only available at the first race of each series. Specifically for riders who have NEVER participated in a mountain bike race before, this category is designed to let racers experience the adrenaline of the starting line, full speed competition, and leaving every bit of energy they have on the trail all while having the added comfort of knowing they are with other first timers. This group will follow the same course / procedures as the Cat 3 / Beginners and start after all other racers to reduce the stress of having other riders behind them.
BEGINNER / CATEGORY 3: Entry level racers who have competed in less than 10 mountain bike races total and placed TOP 3 no more than 3 times. Category (Cat) 3 riders can generally expect to race ONE LAP of an 8-12 mile single-track course that takes 45 to 75 minutes based on rider skill and fitness. Any racer, who so chooses, may skip the beginner category to race Cat 2.
CLYDESDALE: Available only to Cat 3 male racers weighing over 230lbs. The Clydesdale’s are riders who truly test the limitations of equipment, mind, and body. Most riders who bump a tree will quickly find themselves lying in the dirt, but these extra manly marauders will likely be seen dragging the uprooted obstruction across the finish line without a scratch. Our goal for the Clyde category is to inspire heavier riders to take a chance on the starting line and make some like-minded friends in the pursuit of fitness.
ATHENA: Available only to Cat 3 female racers weighing over 180lbs. Similar to the men’s Clyde group, but these ladies bring some curvy panache to the course. Athena’s will get their own starting position among other female racers where they will make new friends on their path towards fitness.
INTERMEDIATE / CATEGORY 2: Once a rider advances beyond Cat 3, they will enter the wild and crazy world of Cat 2. Often considered the most competitive racing group, these riders will vary greatly in skill and fitness in their pursuit of Cat 1 worthiness. Mid-pack racers in this group may stay here indefinitely. To advance, each racer should place Top 5 at least five times in a field of 15 or more riders or win at least 3 times in a field of 15 or more. Do not let yourself become notorious for “sandbagging” by not “catting” up after you’ve received podium glory. Once you have proven you can hold your own, move up and take on the next challenge. Category 2 racers can generally expect to race TWO LAPS of an 8-12 mile single track course that takes 75 to 120 minutes based on rider skill and fitness.

EXPERT / CATEGORY 1: Let’s get down to business! Cat 1 racers are experienced and have dedicated serious time in the pursuit of bike racing. These racers are battling it out for bragging rights and CASH PRIZES! Once the race begins, these racers put on quite a show with their amazing speed and finesse of technical obstacles. All Cat 2 and 3 racers should find a good spectating area to watch and take notes. Cat 1 racers may stay here indefinitely or until receiving an official “Pro” designation. Cat 1 racers, under 50 years old, can generally expect to race THREE LAPS of an 8-12 mile single track course that takes 105 to 150 minutes based on rider skill and fitness. Cat 1 racers 50 and over will complete TWO LAPS of the same course.

SINGLE SPEED: One rider, one gear! For those with mechanical ineptitude involving derailleurs, we offer a single speed class in both Cat 1 and Cat 2 divisions. If you have a need for (one) speed and don't like dangly parts on your bike, this option is for you!
PRO / OPEN: When all other categories fail to provide enough competition, racers may opt to race the OPEN category. Divided into male and female only, racers from 14-40 (all ages) often line up side by side for this all out drag race. There is no limit to who can enter… only how many can win! These individuals compete to take home much more significant CASH PRIZES than their Cat 1 counterparts. All OPEN category racers can generally expect to complete THREE LAPS of an 8-12 mile single-track course. Gather around and watch in amazement as the limits of traction between rubber and dirt are put to the test.


*OFFICIAL DORBA RAINOUT POLICY: All of our racing events are created with the primary intent of raising revenue in support of our mission to promote the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy in the North Texas area. Each racing event requires substantial investment and hundreds of hours in volunteer commitment. For these reasons and the financial viability of our club, we cannot offer refunds or “event comps” due to acts of God. In the event of cancellation, DORBA will attempt to offer a make-up race on an established “rain date”. However, if this option is not available, we SINCERELY thank you for your donation as our organization could not function without your support.