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PLEASE NOTE: Judgment Day is not a race..   everyone is a winner...  if you survive!

DORBA Judgment Day 2017 - June 24th 2017

Registration will open soon!

10 DORBA Trails, you have 24 hours to complete:
  1. Rowlett Creek Preserve
  2. Sister Grove Park
  3. Erwin Park
  4. Isle Du Bois State Park
  5. Johnson Branch State Park
  6. Knob Hill Trail
  7. Northshore Trail
  8. LB Houston Trail
  9. Harry Moss Park Trail
  10. Rowlett Creek Preserve


Three categories:

  • Hard (60ish miles)
  • Harsh (90ish miles)
  • Hellish (SS 90ish miles)

Hard catagories will NOT be riding any red loops on above list. This list was provided so that riders have a chance to ride these trails and get familiar with them if you want to. Give me 10 days to get mileage per trail and to work with the trail stewards ♡

*You must be a current paid DORBA member to participate:

2017 DORBA Fall Series

  • 9/10/2017 - Sister Grove Park
  • 9/23/2017
  • 10/8/2017
  • 11/4/2017
  • 11/5/2017
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