How to measure real-time polling performance

There are so many advantages to displaying poll results with your audience in real-time. In fact, real-time polling is an incredible way to promote transparency, honesty, and build trust with your audience. Not to mention, it’s often the spark that leads to meaningful conversations between audience members and voters!

But to benefit from real-time polling, you first need an effective way to measure its performance and make sure you’re getting the most from it.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you’re using the best live polling software. There’s simply no other way to collect and share results in real-time that’s as fast, effective, or accurate. Swift Polling has earned its reputation for being the most reliable audience interaction software available, including their impressive real-time polling tools.

With Swift, there are a number of ways to measure and display real-time polling performance.

Live polling

PowerPoint Polling

Are meeting participants voting during a PowerPoint presentation? Why not include your poll directly in your PowerPoint slide to make it easy for them to take part? Then, you can even display real-time polling results directly within the presentation so you’re not left fumbling between different screens.

With Swift, your audience can vote in your live PowerPoint polls just by texting a phone number or entering an event ID you share on your slide.

Live video polling

If you’re streaming live video on platforms like Zoom or WebEx, you can display poll results with viewers in real-time this way. Swift offers live video integration that makes it easier than ever to keep your virtual meetings inclusive and interactive.

Some of the features that make live polling such an efficient option include the ability to create polls in less than a minute, choosing from multiple poll types, and data export and organization.

Polling for broadcast

Whether you’re running a competition TV show or you want audience feedback for another purpose, you can use Swift real-time polling directly within your broadcast. You can customize your poll with your graphics and branding, display voting instructions on screen, and show results as they come in.

No matter which method of real-time polling you use, you’ll know you’re effectively engaging, impacting, and interacting with your audience!